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Shaping Tomorrow with APL

Do you have a problem and are looking for the right language in which to solve it? Do you have an idea for a library that you think other APL users might benefit from? Do you have an APL-based application that you want to share? The APL Forge is where we reward you for using Dyalog APL to solve problems and develop libraries, applications, and tools.

A New Competition

The APL Forge

This annual event is designed to promote the use and development of APL by challenging participants to create innovative open-source libraries and commercial applications. Whether you’re an individual, a group, or a company, if you have a passion for problem-solving in APL, this competition is for you.

About the APL Forge

This competition awards £2,500 (GBP) and an expenses-paid trip to present at the next annual Dyalog user meeting.

Eligibility/Judging Criteria

Information about who can enter, what sort of submissions can be made, and what the judges are looking for.


Submit your entry details and your project either as a GitHub link or as files over SFTP.


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Get in touch with us if you have any questions about any aspect of the APL Forge competition.


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